109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every Day

109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every DayThe 109-year-old granny in the Chinese countryside likes to drink baijiu daily. She received 10 bottles during the Spring Festival.

The old woman’s name is Cheng Fengying. The old woman said that her nominal age is 109 this year. Older rural people like to report their ages like this. In fact, she is really 108 years old. She has no children and all her life and has lived in the countryside. She drinks 2 cups of baijiu every morning, goes to the village to chat at noon and sometimes plays mahjong. She is not deaf, blind and is healthy. She is a blessed person and has caught up with the new era.

The old woman said that when she was in her 80’s her husband died, leaving half a bottle of Baijiu. She felt a little bored at home one day, so she wanted to taste the Baijiu. Initially she didn’t think it tasted good. Over the next few days she drank a few more mouthfuls and eventually became addicted to it. She has drank it now for nearly 30 years, and is now 108 years old.

109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every Day

The government gives her more than 6000 yuan every year in pension payments, and she is taken care of by her nephew’s family, and now she is living a good life. The civil affairs department of the local government has sent her new year goodies, and her nephew bought her 10 bottles of Baijiu, as well as ham and vegetables.

Speaking of a recent near accident, the old woman said, “After breakfast, I had nothing to do and I wanted to hang a New year picture on the wall, I had to step on the chair and climb more than 1 meter high. The wooden chair shook a few times, and it frightened me. I quickly and carefully came down, thinking that if the chair broke I would be badly injured, and those who were celebrating the Spring Festival would have to interrupt their festivities to take care of me. So i just decided to eat ham and drink baijiu.

We asked the old lady about the mystery of her longevity, and the old woman smiled and said, “There is nothing special. If you ask me, the secret is being “broad-hearted”. There are many troubles and unhappiness in life. I have to think about the breadth of things. I also felt very lonely for some time after my husband’s death. Later, I thought about it. Birth, old age, sickness and death was the law of nature. I could only let nature take its course, and every day I lived would be happy. So I got out of loneliness. I drink baijiu daily, play mahjong in the village to chat and make my own happiness.”

While she was talking, the old woman’s niece came into the house, he had just finished rehearsing the drums and gongs in the village, and came to see if the old woman was OK and heard about her near fall. The niece hung the New year picture to the wall for her.

When we left, the old woman repeatedly asked us to stay for a few drinks of baijiu. We thanked the old woman for her kindness. She took us out of her cave dwelling on crutches. She said that she did not use crutches, and that she held them as a greeting. Hearing the old woman’s story netizens praised the old woman’s good health with many contacting the family for an address so they could send the old woman baijiu.

109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every Day