Baijiu Beer Heading To China

Baijiu Beer Heading To China

A UK beer producer has won orders to ship 12,000 of its bottled beer infused with baijiu to Hong Kong and Shanghai. The baijiu beer company brews real ale combined with China’s favorite tipple baijiu.

The company will ship its first order in January after securing the order with support of both the DIT and The Craft Beer Alliance who have also helped other UK brewers break into the Chinese market.

At a recent major food and drink show held in Shanghai the baijiu beer brewer showcased his infused ale which managed to turn a few heads. A number of other UK food and drink producers were also in attendance.

According to figures released by HMRC,  there has been over a 500% increase in exports of UK beers to China over the last few years. The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) say China has acquired a real taste for UK beers.

Baijiu beer is currently stocked in Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in the UK and is now looking to enter the US Chinese market. Learn more about baijiu history and checkout the top ten baijiu brands.