Baijiu Binge Woman Smashes Airplane Window After Break Up

Baijiu Binge Woman
Baijiu Binge Woman

Lockdown has taken its toll on a number of relationships throughout the world, as couples are forced into closer proximity than ever before. China is no exception, with divorce rates spiking dramatically when the country came out of quarantine.

With this in mind, spare a thought for a now-infamous aircraft passenger known only as, “Ms. Li.” Li was a passenger on Loong Airlines Flight 8528, transporting travellers from Xining Caojiabao in Qinghai to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International in Zhejiang. Ms Li was visibly upset, weeping openly in her seat.

It was believed that she was intoxicated … and so it proved to be. Ms. Li had drunk around half a litre of baijiu before boarding the plane, in the form of two 250 ml bottles.

No matter how ironclad your constitution and tolerance may be, that’s a powerful amount of alcohol. The explanation offered was that her partner had ended their relationship, seemingly immediately prior to the plane departing, and Ms. Li was determined to drown her sorrows.

Unfortunately, things took something of a turn. Upset by the news, and powered by baijiu, Ms. Li began a display of strength comparable to a comic book superhero. As her distress grew, she managed to physically smash an airplane window in mid-flight. Thankfully just the first layer was impacted, so nobody was hurt – including Ms. Li.

Aircraft staff managed to restrain Ms. Li. As a result of her baijiu-sponsored bout of strength, however, the plane was forced into an emergency stop. It touched down in the Henan Province at the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, where the remaining passengers were redeployed to an alternative plane to continue their onward journey. Ms. Li, unsurprisingly, was not among them.

She was arrested at Zhengzhou Xinzheng and charged with vandalism – and, presumably, offered several strong cups of coffee to sober up. The morning after the event, Ms. Li claimed to have no memory of the incident. Pending a full investigation, however, she is likely to be held responsible for the damages.

The moral of the story, it seems, is to enjoy baijiu sensibly. And, perhaps, to order a bottle now, before travel restrictions are lifted any further. It’s the only way to be safe.