Baijiu For Sale – Buy Baijiu Chinese Liquor Online

Looking to buy baijiu? I suggest you take a look in your nearest Chinese supermarket, most western cities have a Chinese supermarket. All of the Chinese supermarkets I have ever visited in the West stock baijiu, some more so than others but I have always managed to buy baijiu. My local Chinese supermarket usually has around six different baijiu brands available to buy, ranging in price from $10 up to $200.

Most of the baijiu available to buy online is a bit pricey, so if your just looking to sample baijiu for the first time it makes no sense splashing out big bucks for something you may not like. So for all you baijiu virgins out there I recommend a trip to your local Chinese supermarket to buy a mid range baijiu brand to see how it goes down. Remember to the unfamiliar palate, baijiu can smell and taste quite strong.

If for some reason you cant get hold of any baijiu via the supermarket route then you could always resort to buying baijiu online. I found Amazon to be my best option when looking to buy baijiu online.

Simply visit Amazon and type baijiu into the search box, the choice of  baijiu brands available to buy seem to fluctuate each week, some weeks I have saw as many as twenty different baijiu brands for sale and other weeks as few as five.

At the time of publishing this page, Amazon had seven different baijiu brands for sale starting at $50 and up.