Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures – Step By Step

Baijiu is produced in a process known as solid-state fermentation. Basically the liquor is distilled from fermented sorghum and occasionally other grains. The fermentation begins with the making a Qu — a ‘starter’ containing yeast — which is then mixed with the sorghum. During fermentation, microorganisms in the Qu start to work. Their enzymes convert starches into sugars, sugars into alcohol, and proteins into amino acids. Further reading: How is baijiu made?

Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures - Step By Step

  • 1) Sourcing your sorghum
  • 2) Solid state fermentation. The sorghum is steeped in hot water for twenty hours so the grains absorb the water.
  • 3) Add grains to steamer, steam until grains can be broken by hand.
  • 4) Take grains from steamer and cool evenly to 24-28c.
  • 5) Distribute qu evenly over grain and mix well.
  • 6) Put grains into bacteria cultivator for twenty four hours.
  • 7) Transfer to fermentation pit and allow to ferment.
  • 8) Saccharification and fermentation this is where old and new mashes are mixed.
  • 9) Put all into distillation tank.
  • 10) Distillation, spirit will come out of condenser at twenty five degrees.
  • 11) Cutting the spirit, separating the head and tail from the heart.