Baijiu Storage Tips From An Expert Baijiu Collector

It is no exaggeration to say that the price of a relatively scarce bottle of an old baijiu is comparable to that of a decent size house.
Baijiu Storage Tips From And Expert Baijiu CollectorFor example, the estimated value can be up to 3 million yuan for a 50 year old bottle of Maotai. Whether buying baijiu to start a collection or to be consumed in the future it will require correct storage no matter if its for one, three or ten years. Only good quality baijiu will stand the test of time. In terms of flavor, the sauce flavor is the first choice for long term storage, which is the reason why a bottle of Feitian Maotai is difficult to find. Other aroma types are classified according to the actual situation. Experienced senior collectors say: If baijiu is stored for 3-5 years then sauce aroma baijiu is preferred, followed by strong aroma baijiu and thirdly is light aroma baijiu.

After choosing the aroma of Baijiu to collect, you also need to consider the alcohol content. A few baijiu drinkers think that 53% ABV baijiu has the taste closest to human taste buds, but this is simply a rumor down to clever marketing by Maotai, because their flagship product Moutai Flying Fairy is 53%. Its has been shown that alcoholic beverages below 50% ABV that the ethanol in the liquor is volatile, and the flavor is easily lost if the alcohol is stored for too long. The storage time of medium and low-grade baijiu should not exceed 3 years. Higher ABV baijiu tends to get more fragrant as it ages, high-quality baijiu will always show its true style characteristics over time.

So remember your only better of storing quality baijiu with an ABV over 50%. If the degree of alcohol content is relatively low, it is not only difficult to store, but also the taste is relatively poor and it becomes volatile which in turn gives a very bitter taste.