East Coast Kaoliang – Australian Distillery Has Created A New Baijiu

East Coast Kaoliang - Australian Distillery Has Created A New BaijiuWhen enjoying a barbecue on a sun-kissed Australian beach, many of us picture our Antipodean friends washing down their steaks and shrimp with a can of Fosters. The East Coast distillery of Brisbane is branching out though, creating a new baijiu dubbed Kaoliang.

The chief distiller of East Coast, James Mylne, has a history of creating spirits in Taiwan. While his experience was previously limited to vodka and gin, Mylne is now broadening his repertoire with a light-fragrance baijiu. Kaoliang is created from native red sorghum, while the qu is imported. The ingredients are then aged in oak wine barrels.

Kaoliang contains elements of caramel and soy, which leads to a smooth drink that glides down the throat. It’s a slightly sweeter on the palate than some baijiu, so it could be a great place to start for baijiu beginners. Indeed, Mylne describes the taste of the liqueur as a combination of baijiu and whiskey.

If you’re interested in sampling Kaoliang for yourself, investigate the East Coast website. You can pick up a classic bottle, or an alternative that has been aged in French or American barrels. Whichever you opt for, you’re surely in for a unique taste experience!