Eric Tsang the Hong Kong comedian blasted for selling fake baijiu via online sales stream!

Eric Tsang the Hong Kong comedian blasted for selling fake baijiu via online sales stream!

Eric Tsang, is a 67-year-old Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, and television host who landed himself in the soup with reports of him allegedly selling counterfeit baijiu.

Some time back, the actor who is best known for his comedy roles took part in a sales stream, which was hosted on Douyin, a site similar to TikTok. The sales stream is like a Livestream where hosts and celebrity guests come together to endorse products, which the fans can buy during the session.

The Livestream with Tsang went on for around 4.5 hours and managed to get over 10 million viewers. Even though it was the first such sales stream for Eric he managed to sell 22 different types of alcohol, including beer, wine, baijiu, and many more. He also sold snacks, like, crayfish and duck neck, and total sales exceeded 13.5 million yuan (S$2.68 million).

However, soon there were negative comments all over the internet. There were allegations that people received counterfeit baijiu, some said that they received bottles without packaging, while others allegedly received bottles of brandy with false barcodes.

One buyer stated that they placed an order for three bottles of baijiu from the well-known brand Wuliangye, however, received only one bottle from Wuliangye, as the other two bottles were from another brand.

One annoyed netizen wrote, “The whole Livestream was a sham, and there have been reviews all over the internet complaining that the alcohol was fake. I have sent a request for a refund, as I do not trust the authenticity of the products. I have lost my trust in celebrity streams and will never participate again in something like this.”

Another wrote, “I learnt my lesson the hard way. I believed you, but in return, all I received were Taobao goods.” Some people sided with Eric’s and argued that he might have been shown the actual products, however, the products sent to the buyers were fake. Till the time of writing, Eric had not come out to put his side of the story.