Is Baijiu Good For You? Drinking Baijiu Health Benefits

Is Baijiu Good For You? Drinking Baijiu Health Benefits


Like a politician that’s always honest or a doctor whose prescription handwriting is always legible, many things don’t go hand in hand in the world in which we live in. While the latter example might be debatable no one could ever have thought of a health giving hard liquor. Yet, the Chinese national drink, Baijiu defiles all odds by making hard liquor salubrious. This is why it comes as no surprise that the high proof, fermented spirit is the best selling and most widely consumed spirit in the world. With people drinking about 5 billion Litres of Baijiu in a year.

Yes, we know that grape wine is good for the heart and body, but Chinese baijiu exceeds the efficacy of grape wine as it confers many health giving properties to the body which are further expanded on below.


Like it or not excess fat puts a huge strain on the body as it literally turns the knobs of all the health parameters on the high. With the potential risk of having high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, stroke and heart diseases, it’s indeed a great relief to discover that the Chinese baijiu has the function of reducing weight by burning accumulated fat in the body. More practically, drinking a cup of baijiu consumes calories equal to one hour of exercise. And as if this weren’t enough, it also promotes blood circulation.

Without a doubt, Baijiu has something for everyone as it increases appetite, promotes digestion of food and enhances the adsorption of nutrients for those who are nutritionally deficient or looking to gain weight.


In recent years, Chinese medical practitioners have found that the blood pressure levels are different in three kinds of people; Alcoholics, people who drink less alcohol, and non-drinkers. In the findings, the blood pressure of alcoholics was found to be the highest and next to them where non-drinkers whose blood pressure varied up and down. And surprisingly, people who drink less alcohol were found to have the lowest blood pressure. Consequently, this indicates that drinking a small amount of Chinese baijiu can reduce blood pressure.

Baijiu also has the great benefit of preventing cardiovascular disease by effectively reducing cholesterol deposition in the coronary arteries. Since Low-density lipoprotein in the human blood has the potential to cause cardiovascular diseases, it’s beneficial to drink Baijiu as it increases the amounts of High-density lipoprotein which transfers low-density lipoprotein from blood vessels and coronary arteries.

Recent research has also shown that drinking Chinese baijiu can reduce the accumulation of glycerol three fat and cholesterol on the arterial wall. As well as reduce the conversion of blood sugar into triglycerides which increase the risk of heart disease.

In the end, moderately drinking Chinese baijiu is very beneficial to the circulatory system and the cardiovascular system as it expands small blood vessels, promotes blood circulation and delays the deposition of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood vessel wall.


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In 2013, Xu Yan who is a baijiu research expert at Jiangnan University, published a research report titled The Scientific Understanding Of Biologically Active Ingredients In Chinese Baijiu. For the first time, the results of nearly seven years of research were released to the outside world. The scientific research which shocked the liquor industry proved that Chinese baijiu contains the highest levels of health factors, far more than grape wine.

The research which involved the scientific analysis of various Chinese baijiu brands, found out that most baijiu brands contained on average 54 (total amount of 3400-3600μg/L) terpenoids, which is significantly higher than the total content of terpenoids in grape wine (less than 1000μg/L).

So what are Terpenoids?! Terpenoids are plant based compounds found in Chinese baijiu. These compounds that are widely found in Chinese herbal medicines have anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant effects.

So where did this healthy substance come from?! Professor Xu Yan attributed the source to the brewing process of baijiu which involves natural accumulation, multi-dimensional microorganisms introduction, solid-state fermentation and high-temperature distillation.

As early as the 1990s, it was discovered that the Chinese baijiu contained superoxide dismutase (SOD). This is a specific scavenger of oxygen free radicals with a primary function of removing excess free radicals in the body which ultimately prevents tumor growth, fatigue and fine lines that accelerate aging.

The research also showed that Chinese baijiu can induce the production of metallothionein in the liver which is more potent than SOD and more importantly functions to prevents liver fribrosis.


With the aforementioned health benefits and the function of revitalizing the blood, drinking baijiu is undoubtedly beneficial to overall well-being. Consequently drinking a small amount of Chinese baijiu every day, keeps one in good health and prolongs life.


Made primarily with Sorghum or in addition with other grains like gelatinous rice, wheat or millet, the primary ingredient(s) of the liquor is fermented with the Distiller’s yeast(Jiu Qu) which breaks down the macromolecules of the grains into sugar (derived from starch), alcohol (derived from sugar), amino acids (derived from protein) and compounds such as ethyl hexanoate that give Baijiu its special and complex flavor (Baijiu Aromas). The starter, Juiqu (alcohol fungus) which is primarily made of moldy grains is key to the fermentation process as it introduces microorganisms such as yeast and fungus that are responsible for the breakdown of the grains and the production of ethanol.

After the mixture of the grain and starter is left to ferment in mud pits or pottery jars for a period of one to three months, the distillation process follows and the resulting product is aged in earthenware vessels. The brewing process, fermentation technique and the lavish introduction of microorganisms are what gives Baijiu its powerful aroma and complex taste which is often described as funky.


  • Baijiu is a social drink that goes well with food and people. See: What food goes well with baijiu?
  • While Baijiu is usually taken as a shot, we recommend you sip it slowly like whiskey and savor the taste.
  • Chinese baijiu is mainly drunk neat but it is not out of place to use to make cocktails. See: How to drink baijiu?


  • 1. It’s important that you don’t drink Baijiu on an empty stomach. Thus one should have eaten before taking the drink.
  • 2. It’s also beneficial to take more vegetables and fruits when drinking.
  • 3. Baijiu should be consumed moderately. About 25g-50g per day is enough for the day.
  • 4. Avoid drinking Baijiu with other wines, ice water and carbonated drinks.
  • 5. Do not take all kinds of sedatives, antibiotics and hypoglycemic agents before and after drinking.

Moutai Scientific Analysis – VS – V.I.P Jiu 8 Scientific Analysis

Moutai – VS – V.I.P Jiu 8 Scientific Analysis

Moutai – VS – V.I.P Jiu 8
Moutai – VS – V.I.P Jiu 8

A bottle of V.I.P Jiu 8 together with a bottle of Kweichow Moutai Flying Fairy was sent to a UK laboratory for analysis.

The laboratory is a registered member of UKAS – The United Kingdom Accreditation Service that is recognised by the UK government when comparing products to internationally agreed standards.

The results confirmed what we already suspected – (Kweichow Moutai – VS – V.I.P Jiu 8 Results)