The Baijiu Society

The Baijiu Society
The Baijiu Society

When we think of Yorkshire, baijiu is hardly the first beverage that springs to mind. Most of us would picture a Yorkshire resident enjoying a chilled pint of bitter, or a steaming mug of strong tea. Stereotypes are made to be broken, though – especially by Baijiu Society, a brewery based in Rydale.

Baijiu Society are bringing a fresh spin to China’s national liqueur, aiming to bring it to mainstream attention throughout the UK and beyond. Business is already booming thanks to exports to China and Hong Kong, where company CEO Craig Butler was formerly based.

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Baijiu Storage Tips From An Expert Baijiu Collector

It is no exaggeration to say that the price of a relatively scarce bottle of an old baijiu is comparable to that of a decent size house.
Baijiu Storage Tips From And Expert Baijiu CollectorFor example, the estimated value can be up to 3 million yuan for a 50 year old bottle of Maotai. Whether buying baijiu to start a collection or to be consumed in the future it will require correct storage no matter if its for one, three or ten years. Only good quality baijiu will stand the test of time. In terms of flavor, the sauce flavor is the first choice for long term storage, which is the reason why a bottle of Feitian Maotai is difficult to find. Other aroma types are classified according to the actual situation. Experienced senior collectors say: If baijiu is stored for 3-5 years then sauce aroma baijiu is preferred, followed by strong aroma baijiu and thirdly is light aroma baijiu.

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Baijiu Producers Fighting Coronavirus With Medical Alcohol Production

Baijiu producers in mainland China have started producing bottles of high strength alcohol to be used in the medical industry to help fight against the current Wuhan coronavirus.

Baijiu Producers Fighting Coronavirus With Medical Alcohol Production

The Wei He factory located in Linqing city in China’s Shandong province recalled their work force back from their Chinese new year holiday to start immediate production and withing days had produced 1000,000 bottles of 75% alcohol to be donated as quickly as possible to medical staff across China.

Llinqing city’s front line staff battling against the virus were given the first batch on Wednesday.


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109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every Day

109 Year Old Granny Drinks Baijiu Every DayThe 109-year-old granny in the Chinese countryside likes to drink baijiu daily. She received 10 bottles during the Spring Festival.

The old woman’s name is Cheng Fengying. The old woman said that her nominal age is 109 this year. Older rural people like to report their ages like this. In fact, she is really 108 years old. She has no children and all her life and has lived in the countryside. She drinks 2 cups of baijiu every morning, goes to the village to chat at noon and sometimes plays mahjong. She is not deaf, blind and is healthy. She is a blessed person and has caught up with the new era.

The old woman said that when she was in her 80’s her husband died, leaving half a bottle of Baijiu. She felt a little bored at home one day, so she wanted to taste the Baijiu. Initially she didn’t think it tasted good. Over the next few days she drank a few more mouthfuls and eventually became addicted to it. She has drank it now for nearly 30 years, and is now 108 years old.

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Two Couples Caught Faking High End Baijiu

Two Couples Caught Faking High End BaijiuTwo couples in Xi’an are under investigation from making and selling counterfeit baijiu, police found 412 bottles of liquor worth nearly 90,000 yuan

The accused purchased a batch of low priced baijiu and packed them in to premium baijiu bottles. After packaging, the baiju was put up for sale on the Internet.

On the evening of January 13, Mawang Market Supervision Office of Xixi received a letter from Dengfeng, Henan, to assist in the investigation of counterfeit baijiu cases.

After thorough investigation, a genuine baijiu supplier named Ma came forward and explained that he contacted a baijiu supplier via a mobile phone number given out over the internet. After a deal had been arranged between Ma and the seller, the seller produced counterfeit baijiu.

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Chinese Woman Posts: Baijiu + Air Humidifier To Fend off Coronavirus

Chinese Woman Posts: Baijiu + Air Humidifier To Fend off CoronavirusA woman in China has posted an article asking health professionals if baijiu and an air humidifier can fend of the coronavirus.

The poster is asking health professionals the following question after outlining her method in the article below: Is this method feasible? Experts/professionals, kindly criticize and correct if the method is inappropriate.

The post demonstrates how fearful and desperate many people must be feeling in China, my sympathy and thoughts are with those affected.

Title of the original posters article: This time I am serious! Baijiu + air humidifier to fend off new Coronavirus

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Fake Rumors That Baijiu Can Kill Coronavirus Spreading On Chinese Social Media

Fake Rumors That Baijiu Can Kill Corona Virus Spreading On Chinese Social MediaAn infectious disease experts interview in China has been faked. The fake video was shared on Chinese social media which shows Zhong Nanshan a Chinese pulmonologist who discovered the SARS corona virus in 2003. In the first half of a sentence he says that “wearing a mask is still useful” to prevent and control the epidemic, but in the second half of the sentence it was changed to a recommendation of “drinking high proof alcohol to fight against the coronavirus”.

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Two Month Old Baby Fed Baijiu By Mistake

Two Month Old Baby Fed Baijiu By MistakeA two month old baby was fed a milk formula mixed with baijiu after the mother mistook it for water. The baby had drank around ten ml of the formula when the parents realised there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from the bottle.

When rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, the infant was unconscious in the mothers arms

The doctors explained that the effects on the gastrointestinal tract and liver could be acute and should be treated immediately.

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Shandong Province is Cracking Down on Baijiu Related Crime

Shandong Province is Cracking Down on Baijiu Related CrimeTruly enjoying baijiu is an artform. This is why China is host to unofficial ‘training centres’, in which seasoned baijiu enthusiasts which teach younger citizens how to drink – and toast with – the spirit. This is considered a critical part of Chinese culture, as baijiu is so often used to cement business deals and boost interpersonal relationships with state figures.

Sadly, many people will now need to look elsewhere for this education. The Shandong province has been cracking down on this practice. 67 different businesses have been punished for illegal practices and forced to shut down. Among these are eight drinking centres.

Sorry, students of China. You will need to find alternative teachers on the art of consuming this celebrated spirit.

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Corrupt Official Poured Moutai Baijiu Down the Drain to Destroy Evidence

Corrupt Official Poured Moutai Baijiu Down the Drain to Destroy EvidenceActs of corruption of those in positions of power are always concerning. A television documentary recently broadcast on China Central Television has recently exposed such misbehavior, including a banker hoarding cash in a secret vault.

Not all corruption involves direct financial incentives, however. In an act that hurts us to the very core of our souls, the latest episode exposed a government official pouring precious baijiu down a drain. This action is always objectionable, but when we consider that this was antique Moutai, it’s even more troubling.

Moutai is often described as China’s national liquor. As we know, baijiu plays a prominent role in social and business functions in the country, including affairs of state diplomacy. Cases of baijiu are served at formal banquets, and often presented to foreign dignitaries as gifts. This means that Moutai is often regarded as a collectible item. Sadly, where there is rarity there is money to be made – and where there is money to be made, people will act inappropriately.

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