Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures – Step By Step

Baijiu is produced in a process known as solid-state fermentation. Basically the liquor is distilled from fermented sorghum and occasionally other grains. The fermentation begins with the making a Qu — a ‘starter’ containing yeast — which is then mixed with the sorghum. During fermentation, microorganisms in the Qu start to work. Their enzymes convert starches into sugars, sugars into alcohol, and proteins into amino acids. Further reading: How is baijiu made?

Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures - Step By Step

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Shanghai Police Nab Baijiu Fakers

Shanghai Police Nab Baijiu FakersShanghai police have arrested and detained six gang members that have allegedly been mass producing fake famous baijiu brands.

During the raid the police found thousands of bottles of fake Moutai baijiu as well as other popular brands such as Wuliangye, Jiannanchun and Yanghe blue classic. If the seizure had of been real baijiu it would have been worth over 10 million yuan.

Suspicion grew last October when police were alerted after a person in a residential complex was receiving many parcels a week, the parcels contained empty bottles and cases of famous baijiu brands.

Police arrested a Mr Hu, who has been arrested in the past for selling fake baijiu, Mr Hu rented two residential properties along with his relative in which to produce the fake baijiu.

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The Beautiful Mysteries Of Baijiu

The Beautiful Mysteries Of Baijiu

As a wine and spirit lover I have conducted a number of tastings for clients, cogitated over pairing selections for food and advised newly engaged couples on the ideal choice of beverage for their forthcoming nuptials. This has varied greatly, from luscious reds, to zingy and fresh white wines, to fabulous Gins and Whiskey’s When you are thinking about a great selection of spirits, it is highly likely that you are liable to consider those aforementioned choices, or perhaps an Armagnac, or Cognac – and given their popularity worldwide – they would be a fine choice.

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Is Baijiu Good For You? Drinking Baijiu Health Benefits

Is Baijiu Good For You? Drinking Baijiu Health Benefits


Like a politician that’s always honest or a doctor whose prescription handwriting is always legible, many things don’t go hand in hand in the world in which we live in. While the latter example might be debatable no one could ever have thought of a health giving hard liquor. Yet, the Chinese national drink, Baijiu defiles all odds by making hard liquor salubrious. This is why it comes as no surprise that the high proof, fermented spirit is the best selling and most widely consumed spirit in the world. With people drinking about 5 billion Litres of Baijiu in a year.

Yes, we know that grape wine is good for the heart and body, but Chinese baijiu exceeds the efficacy of grape wine as it confers many health giving properties to the body which are further expanded on below.

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Do You Baijiu?

Do You Baijiu?

Do you baijiu? If you’re scratching your head at this question, you have some catching up to do. Baijiu is the world’s bestselling alcoholic beverage, but don’t worry – you’re not alone in being unfamiliar with it.

Right now, baijiu is barely renowned outside it’s native China, where it outsells any other alcohol. Plans are afoot to launch baijiu throughout the west, however. With the launch of, you have the opportunity to get ahead of the game and learn all there is to know about this all-conquering Chinese liquor.

Baijiu Brands is a one-stop shop that lists everything you could ever wish to learn about China’s national beverage. The site is broken down into multiple sub-categories, ensuring that every possible need is met. Just some of the facts and fun that you’ll discover on the site include:

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Baijiu? What It Is & Some Popular Brands

Baijiu? What It Is & Popular Brands

Baijiu Introduction

China is renowned across the world for its rich history, fascinating culture, being the leader in major advances in the areas of technology and medicine, efficient working methods – and with a habitation of over 1.4 billion people – is the world’s most populous country. But did you also know that this vast nation also has a long association with the production and development of alcoholic drinking beverages? It’s believed that the first grape fermented drink – aka Wine – was consumed (and enjoyed) there around 7000 BC.

The nation also produces a fabulous, but perhaps less familiar drink to some of you, called Baijiu – made predominately from grain. Now you may be thinking ‘I don’t know much about this drink’. So, if I were to ask you what the Worlds biggest selling spirit was, you’d probably say, Vodka, Rum, or Gin. But, you’d be wrong, it is Baijiu! Shocked? Dismayed? Well, you shouldn’t be, it’s much more of a rarity outside of its home country – in fact it actually makes up over 99% of Chinese spirit sales alone.

Baijiu? What It Is & Popular Brands – Top

Baijiu Facts

Over 12 million metric tons are produced of it annually. A recent brand valuation report conducted by specialists, Brand Finance, listed Baijiu products in the top three of the 10 most valuable spirit brands. There’s even a World Baijiu Day, celebrated on Aug 9. It comes then, with a surprisingly massive reputation, and, as we’ll discover, a really interesting range of characters. If you’re outside of China, you may not know a great deal about it, so dear reader, let’s go on a voyage of discovery together.

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Missing? Abducted? Kids On Baijiu Bottle Labels

Missing? Abducted? Kids On Baijiu Bottle Labels

The image of a missing child’s visage on a carton of milk was once a hugely common sight in western society. There is a substantial problem with this idea in China, however; the country is not a nation of dairy consumers. How can this be resolved?

Well, the sizable city of Chongqing came up with a unique solution. The general manager of Chongqing Laoyuanzi Wine Co. Ltd, Xiao Dufeng, hit upon the idea of raising awareness of missing children – many of who are feared abducted – on their bottles of baijiu.

On paper, it’s a curious choice. After all, many of us choose to sip on spirits to relax and escape the more unpleasant realities of life in the 21st Century. The reality is, however, that baijiu is China’s national beverage of choice.

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Baijiu Collector Makes It Into Guinness World Records

Baijiu Collector Makes It Into Guinness World RecordsIn 2013 a 61 year old collector of baijiu made it into the Guinness World Records book. Ning Fenglian is the chairman at Baishan Fangda a large alcohol distributor in Jilin Provence.

Ning started his collection in 1974 and has been adding to his collection ever since. Since childhood Ning says he developed an affinity to Chinese alcoholic drinks which resulted in him working within the alcohol industry.

Ning started working in a wine store in the 1990s which was running at a loss but Ning turned the losses into gains through bold and innovative measures.

At one time during the 1990s many stores were out of stock of Moutai but Ning had built up good connections with the producers and was able to profit from the shortage by ensuring the empty stores were stocked with Moutai on a regular basis.

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Baijiu Taste – What Food Goes Well With Baijiu?

Baijiu Taste – What Food Goes Well With Baijiu?

Back in the mid-1990’s, I had the good fortune to work at Oddbins. In 1995, labels were handwritten and the knowledge had to be retained as there was no database of notes to rely on! I recall this job as each Saturday we carried out a tasting.

One aspect involved educating our customers on whisky and occasionally other spirits like vodka, gin and rum. When showcasing a whisky, the selection was usually two differing categories such as Islay and Speyside. Allowing consumers to genuinely recognise the difference often helped perceptions of this fine spirit and aside from selling bottles, it was a fun education.

But the world’s biggest selling spirit is not a whisky or indeed any other spirit named above. Shifting over 10 billion bottles a year is a Chinese spirit called Baijiu, something that I’d never heard of 23 years ago.

Baijiu also has varying categories which are known as ‘aromas’. There are 4 main baijiu aromas with a degree of smaller variations.

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The Educational Element of Brewing Baijiu

Kweichow MoutaiIf you’re interested in learning all about baijiu, you’re in the right place. Here at Baijiu Blog, we have you covered. There is only so much that can be discovered online, though. If you’re looking to become a baijiu master, you can earn your status with a degree in China.

The educational facility that offers this course is the Moutai University, a 32-acre new build located in Renhuai. Attendees will be taught everything that needs to be imparted about brewing Moutai, the province’s baijiu brand of choice. Baijiu is a way of life in China, and the university is no exception. So much so that the college boasts their own motto: “Love me Moutai, earn glory for the country.”

So, what’s the thinking behind this initiative? Is the production of baijiu so lucrative that it’s replacing traditional STEM and business degrees as an optimal career option for China’s next generation? Yes and no.

Whilst the baijiu business is booming, that doesn’t mean that skills surrounding the creation of the wine are commonplace. Distillers have been struggling to source skilled workers to brew baijiu, so this course is designed to ensure that the next generation of baijiu drinkers can enjoy the fruits of a local workforce.

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