Clear and Simple Mixed Alcoholic Drinks With Baijiu

Baijiu Clear and Simple Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

Friday evening has arrived at last, it’s been a hard stressful week. Now all you want to do is kick off your shoes, relax, with a nice chilled drink.

You can’t be bothered making cocktails, but you do want a flavoursome drink. What better than clear flavoured water. There is a great range on the market for you to use your imagination with, but for now I will give you a few starters. Use any glass you are happy with.

So here we will explore them, I will leave it up to you to decide if you want to use still water or sparkling water, or if you wish garnish, but keep it clear and simple. As clear as the air in the mountains, after which I have named these drinks.

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Baijiu Party Punch Recipes: In Honour Of China’s Qing Emperors

Baijiu Cocktail Punch In Honour Of China's Qing Emperors

You are having a friendly get together, the catering has been sorted. Now you want a centrepiece to show off your creativity, something eye catching for when your guests arrive. You can do no better than a good punchbowl filled with a colourful punch.

Remember, what you are creating is just a huge cocktail, stirred not shaken. So do not be daunted, think of your favourite cocktail and up size. Let your imagination go with the flow. Do not put ice cubes in with the punch, have a well stocked ice bucket next to the punch bowl so individuals can add ice to their preference.

Keep all ingredients in refrigerator until the last moment, so the punch will be nicely chilled. As the average punch bowl holds 30 x 5 fluid ounce servings, it therefore holds 1 imperial gallon. I have kept this in mind while creating these punches. So I have used the names of the Qing and Ming rulers for the punch creations, starting with the Qing dynasty.

“Fit for an Emperor, part one the Qing”

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Baijiu Cocktails Jug: The Eight Immortals (Ba Xian)

V.I.P Jiu 8 Baijiu Cocktails: The Eight Immortals (Ba Xian)

It is Saturday night and you are having a couple of friends around for drinks. You want to relax, but also show of your skills, so instead of making individual cocktails, make the immortals jug. I have put together eight different combinations, which are guaranteed to get the evening off to a good start. First you will need a 1 litre glass jug and a long spoon for stirring, a measuring jug, serving glasses and of course the ingredients.

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If you haven’t accessed yet, then have a look.

To someone who might not know that much about Baijiu, this is not a bad place to start. There are links to several sources of information such as:

The site also gives a very interesting list of unique links to the various ‘aromas’ of Baijiu too, such as:

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Chinese Drinking Games – Most Popular Drinking Games In China

Chinese Drinking Games - Most Popular Drinking Games In ChinaInternational game drinking etiquette (it’s a serious business) and China’s own drinking sports!

If you have been reading previous posts on the blog you will now be aware of baijiu, its health benefits, flavours and historical significance. But how does China’s national spirit drink fit in to the complex and very important pastime of drinking games?

Well, the Chinese have a number of fun activities up their sleeves in this department – and we will look at these in more detail a little later in this piece.

If you have ever taken part in any type of drinking game, whether as a student at University, a high flying executive at work, or just with friends at your local bar – you’ll know that these occasions are often messy, lawless, incredibly drunken and generally bad news if you’re not very good at winning things.

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Baijiu Gold

Baijiu Gold


The ultimate Chinese alcoholic drink has gained ground in previous years and according to the Ministry of Commerce, 11 high-end brands of Baiju, experienced a fall in sales by 7.2% in 2013. Consequently, plans are been made to improve sales by adding a controversial element to the Baiju that would advertently improve its aesthetic value. About 0.02gm of gold leaf per 1kg of liquor is being considered to be added to the nation’s favourite tipples and this has been a cause for concern as the mainland health authorities are considering giving Baijiu distillers the permit to add edible gold to the spirit.

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Baijiu Takes Center Stage

Baijiu Takes Center Stage

The prominent Chinese dancer and choreographer Liu Lingli, with her flair for the extraordinary, shows aspects of traditional Chinese concepts in her latest drama, “The Greatest Spirit” which will be shown in Beijing on March 6th and 7th she takes her inspiration from the ancient legends and culture surrounding baijiu.

When Liu Lingli started planning the new dance drama over twelve months ago, she decided to build her idea on ancient Chinese legends and culture, the same as she has done in some of her other works.

Only now she wanted to do something she was unfamiliar with and the Chinese white spirit, baijiu was her inspiration. With its long and mysterious history. Baijiu is included in most aspects of Chinese social life, especially on occasions such as family gatherings, marriages, and business deals. (See: Drinking Baijiu – Chinese Customs & Traditions)

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Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures – Step By Step

Baijiu is produced in a process known as solid-state fermentation. Basically the liquor is distilled from fermented sorghum and occasionally other grains. The fermentation begins with the making a Qu — a ‘starter’ containing yeast — which is then mixed with the sorghum. During fermentation, microorganisms in the Qu start to work. Their enzymes convert starches into sugars, sugars into alcohol, and proteins into amino acids. Further reading: How is baijiu made?

Baijiu: How Its Made In Pictures - Step By Step

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