Public Holidays in China: Chinese Festivals and Events

Public Holidays in China

  • January 1-3 New Year’s Day.
  • February 11-17 (2002) Spring Festival, Chinese New Year.
  • May 1-7 Labor Day.
  • October 1-7 National Days
  • Note: In addition to the above, certain groups have official public holidays on the following dates (other holidays may be observed locally):
  • March 8 International Women’s Day (women only).
  • May 4 National Youth Day.
  • June 1 International Children’s Day.
  • August 1 Army Day.

Chinese Festivals and Events

New Year’s Eve: In cities throughout China; dances, music, acrobatics, comedy, folk customs and visits to historical sites.

  • January 1st: Striking Bells To Welcome The New Year, Hangzhou (Zhejiang), bells are struck to welcome New Year, dragon and lion dances, decorated boats on beautiful West Lake.
  • January – February: Harbin Ice And Snow Festival, Harbin (Heilongjiang): giant ice sculptures, lit with colored lanterns standing in city square and along river, winter/ice swimming, ice hockey, skiing, film festival, folk ceremonies on ice.
  • January (Early): Jilin Rime Festival, Jilin (Jilin): colorful ice lanterns, ice and snow games, fireworks, parade of boats, Manchu and Korean dances.
  • January 15 – February 28: Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival, Longqing (Beijing): ice lanterns, fireworks, ice fishing.

  • February (Early): Spring Festival Flower Fair, Guangzhou (Guangdong): flower markets throughout the city.
  • February (Early): Spring Festival: ushering in the lunar new year.
  • February (Mid): Buddhist Assembly At Labrang Monastery, Xiahe (Gansu): Monks of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism perform ritual dances, chant scriptures.
  • February (Late): assemblies In Taper Lamasery, Huangzhong (Qinghai): Tibetans celebrate Destruction of Death, display large Buddhist images, butter flowers exhibition, Buddhist scriptures chanted, ritual dances.
  • February-march: Lantern Festival, Zigong (Sichuan): lanterns of bamboo, silk, paper, porcelain dragons, glass peacocks.

  • April (Early): Hainan International Coconut Festival, throughout Hainan Island: lantern festival, dragon boat races, martial arts contests, Miao and Li ceremonies.
  • Third Day Of The Third Lunar Month: Li people of Hainan in archery contests, singing bamboo dancing.
  • April (Early): Dragon Boat Festival Qintong Town, Yangzhou City (Jiangsu): boat races, Operas, lion and dragon dances.
  • April (Month Long): Guizhou Azalea Festival, Qianxi and Dafang Counties(Guizhou): bonfires, minority folk dances visit Huangguoshu Waterfall.
  • April (Mid): Water Splashing Festival Of Dai People, Xishuangbanna (Yunnan): dragon boat races, fireworks, dances and splashing with water.
  • April (Month Long): Peony Fair, Luoyang (Henan: 350 varieties of peony on display in place where peonies first cultivated 1,400 years ago. Exhibitions of lanterns, paintings, calligraphy and photographs of the flowers.
  • April (Late): Chang’an Annual International Calligraphy Meeting, Xi’an (Shaanxi): Chinese and foreign calligraphers display work, discuss four treasures, visit historic carved stones.
  • April(late): Weifang International Kite Festival, Weifang (Shandong): kite contests, demonstrations, visit to Kite Museum.
  • April(late): (Also Early October) Fijian Mazu Festival, Meizhou island (Fujian): birthday of goddess of the sea Maze, prayers and offering at shrines.
  • April (Month Long): Guangxi International Folk Song Festival, Nanning City or Liuzhou City (Guangzi): folk songs, contests and fair.

  • May (Late): Dalian Chinese Locust Blossom Festival, Dalian (Liaoning): flower viewing, folk performances, sports.

  • June (Mid): International Dragon Boat Festival, Yueyang (Hunan): crews from around the world compete in dragon boat races on South Lake.
  • June (Late): Torch Festival of Yi Minority, Shicun Town & Chuxiong City (Yunnan): archery, horse races, bullfights, wrestling, bonfires, performances of Yi instruments.
  • June – July: Carnivals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and 17 holiday resorts stage dances, operas, acrobatics.
  • June – July: Daxing County Watermelon Festival, Daxing (Beijing): watermelon tasting, folk performances, visits to farmers’ houses.

  • July (Early): Double Six Folk Song Fair, Xining (Qinghai): thousands of ethnic musical groups perform folk songs.
  • July (Mid): Jiayuguan Pass International Hang Glider Festival, Jiayuguan Pass (Gansu): hang gliding and Gobi Desert.
  • July 15 – Ausust 30: Nadam Grassland Tourist Festival, Inner Momngolia, Mongolian games with horse races, archery, wedding ceremonies, optional visit to Genghis Khan mausoleum.
  • July (Late): Torch Festival Of Yi Minority, Liangshan (Sichuan): horse races, singing contests, torch-light parade, bonfire.
  • July 25 – August 25: Mt Wutai International Tourist Month, Taibuai, Wutai County (Shanxi): mule and horse fair, Buddhist activities folk entertainment.
  • July – August: China Guizhou Famous Liquor And Wine Festival. Zunyi City & Shizhang Caves (Guizhou), museum of wine, Maotai brewery, visit to caves and waterfalls.

  • August (Late): Xinjiang Grape Festival, Turpan (Xinjiang): Uygur minority ceremonies and dances, hami melon contest, visits to vineyards.
  • August (Late): Tibetan Horse Race Festival, Nagqu (Tibet): horse races, mounted archery and horsemanship.
  • August (Late): China Changchun International Film Festival, Changchun (Jilin): Chinese and foreign films shown and appraised.
  • August (Mid): Qingdao International Beer Festival, Qingdao (Shandong): beer tasting fair, fireworks, fashion shows, sports contests.
  • August (Mid): Temple Fair, Jinhua (Anhui): Buddhist ceremonies and symposium, produce fair.
  • August: Tibetan Shotan Festival, Lhasa (Tibet): display of Buddhist images, operas, yogurt banquets.
  • August – October: Shopping Festivals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Symphony Concerts performed by foreign and Chinese orchestras, in Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and on the Great Wall.

  • September (Mid): Zhangjiajie International Forest Festival, Zhangjiajie (Hunan): nature trails, white-water rafting, rock climbing.
  • September (Late): Suzhou Silk Tourist Festival, Suzhou (Jiangsu): silk exhibitions, trade talks.
  • September (Late): Shanghai Tourist Festival, Shanghai: parade of floats, open air concerts, symposiums, tea cure exchange, Shanghai Citizen for a Day.
  • September – October: China Tourist Festival in Guangzhou: city festival, dance and stage entertainment, contests, shopping tours.
  • September – October: Hubei Three Gorges Art Festival, Yichang (Hubei): tours of Three Gorges, culture exhibitions, trade fair.
  • September – October: Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival, Qufu(Shandong): birthday of Confucius, memorial service, ancient music, exhibitions, seminars, visits to Confucian tombs.
  • September: Xi’an Ancient Culture Art Festival, Xi’an(Shaanxi): exhibitions, folk performances, trade fair.
  • September: International Qiantang River Tide-observing Festival, Yangguan, Hangzhou (Zhejiang): watch water reverse and thunder Lip river.
  • September: Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, Zhengzhou(Henan): martial arts demonstrations, displays and contests, folk art and customs.
  • September: Dalian International Fashion Festival, Dalian(Liaoning): fashion shows, trade fair, design competition, exhibitions.

  • October (Mid): Jingdezhen international Pottery And Porcelain Festival, Jingdezhen(Jiangxu): World Pottery Technique Competition, exhibition of pottery and pottery making, porcelain making techniques, contests, demonstrations and crafts for sale.
  • October: Huangshan Mountain International Tourist Festival, Huangshan(Anhui): lantern festival, tour of mountains, folk performances, trade fair.
  • October: Baoding Health Building Festival For Seniors, Baoding(Hubei): senior citizens do Tai Ji exercises in parks, visit Qigong hospital, Martial Arts Hall and Medicine King Temple, taste traditional health foods.

  • November: Guilin Scenery Festival Guilin(Guangxi): lantern festival on Li River, bonfire party, traditional song and dance.
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