The International Research Centre for Spirits (IRCS)

The International Research Centre for Spirits (IRCS)

A new international spirit research body, backed by China has been founded in London.

The International Research Centre for Spirits (IRCS) based in the British capitol, is part of a drive to develop the profile of Baijiu worldwide.

The remit of the I.R.S.C. Is to find a sustainable development path for the spirit industry and to work as an international platform for master distillers to exchange their thoughts,techniques and innovations.

As part of the drive, Chinese spirit producer Luzhou Laojiao international development, signed a deal with the newly formed UK company, Kylin Spirit Group to work on the global development and distribution of new Baijiu products.

Baijiu is a grain-based spirit with thousands of years of history, despite not being well known outside of China.

Luzhou Laojiao International Development signed a deal with UK-based company Kylin Spirits Group to develop and distribute Baijiu products on a global scale.

The IRCSI launch event was attended by more than 120 guests.

The initiative to set-up of the organisation was taken after a group of international master distillers, entrepreneurs and economists met in London last month.